Welcome to the new LendingTree

Yep, you read that right. Not “new logo” or “new design” but “new LendingTree.” This update is more than a mere palette swap. We went deep, examining who we are to our customers, and who we could be. Every decision we made—from how we talk, to the color gradient on our leaf—grew from our singular purpose:

Help simplify financial decisions for life’s meaningful moments through choice, education and support.

We gut tested, focus tested, then gut tested some more. It took a lot of work to get right, but we’re proud of the result. The new logo pays homage to our legacy, while shifting our look to something fresh and mature, yet still approachable and friendly. Our new style stands at the intersection of innovative start-up and long-trusted financial institution.

You can see the visual impact of our transformation by scrolling down. You’ll see the deeper changes by interacting with us, and we hope you do. This isn’t just a rebrand, it’s a reimagining. Welcome.

Our Colors

LendingTree Green

Hex: #08c177, Pantone: 3395, RGB: 8,193,119

Deep Azul

Hex: #101f30, Pantone: 296, RGB: 16,31,48

Electric Salmon

Hex: #ff704d, RGB: 255,112,77

Deep Verde

Hex: #078181, RGB: 7,129,129

OG Link Blue

Hex: #00aeef, RGB: 0,174,239

Ocean Blue

Hex: #2187c1, RGB: 33,135,193

Hopper Green (Icons)

Hex: #00B29F, RGB: 0,178,159

Fashion Fuchsia

Hex: #d93551, RGB: 217,53,81

Twinkle Twinkle

Hex: #ffc507, RGB: 255,197,7

Hopper Gradient

Hex: radial-gradient(circle at 50% 0, #08c177, #078181)

Deep Azul Gradient

Hex: radial-gradient(circle at 50% 0, #317298, #101f30)

OG Blue Gradient

Hex: radial-gradient(circle at 50% 0, #82cce0, #2187c1)

Mint Green Gradient

Hex: radial-gradient(circle at 50% 0, #e9fcf4, #8ab5b5)


Hex: #000000


Hex: #333333

Grey Day

Hex: #666666;


Hex: #A3A3A3


Hex: #E1E1E1


Hex: #F5F5F5

LendingTree Logos

Please do not make any modifications to the logo. The logo with the gradient leaf should be used as the primary logo, unless background or print limitations justify the use of the 2-color logo. Please always give the logo ample breathing room, by keeping it clear of other content and imagery.

Standard Gradient Logo

LendingTree default logo

Standard Two Color Logo

For use on solid dark backgrounds

Standard Inverse Logo

For use on solid dark backgrounds

Standard Two Color Inverse Logo

For use on gradient backgrounds & print

White Logo

For when Standard Inverse Logo can't be used

Gradient Icon

White Icon

Solid Icon

Value Penguin Logo


Compare Cards

Deposit Accounts

Magnify Money


Simple Tuition


Student Loan Hero

LendingTree Corporate Citizenship

LendingTree Foundation

LendaHand Alliance Cohort

LendaHand by LendingTree Foundation

LendaHand by LendingTree


Whether you’re writing a meticulously-researched financial article, or a series of snappy paid social ads, these tips should help you work your words right.

While some of the rules change based on the medium, there are a handful of constants you should keep in mind, no matter what you’re writing (we’ll get to those).

A thorough reading of this content guide should help you comfortably slip into the LendingTree voice and tone. This is a resource for you to use often. We’ll keep updating as our company continues to grow and evolve.


Jumpstart your creativity with these templates—safe for any and every department to use both internally and externally. Ditch your old presentations, letterhead and email signatures. This is the new hotness. If you need any additional creative assets or just want some help making a thing, reach out to us—making things is literally what we do.

Please come back occasionally for the latest and greatest version of the PowerPoint template, as we’ll continue to add additional slides, images, and icons, etc.

The letterhead template is set for standard 8.5x11 paper

For email signatures, we have a few options depending on what you need your contacts to know about you, just copy and paste!


H1 Georgia 48px

  • Line height: 60px
  • Font weight: normal
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H2 Georgia 40px

  • Line height: 48px
  • Font weight: normal
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H3 Lato 27px

  • Line height: 36px
  • Font weight: normal
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H4 Lato 18px

  • Line height: 28px
  • Font weight: bold
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H5 Lato 18px

  • Text transform: uppercase - 1px letter spacing
  • Line height: 28px
  • Font weight: bold
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

Paragraph Lato 17px

  • Line height: 28px
  • Colors: #454545, #ffffff

Handwriting - Caveat

  • Color: #FF704D

Link Lato

  • Font weight: regular
  • Color: #00AEEF

Footnote Lato 12px

  • Font weight: regular
  • Line height: 20px Color: Gray

H1 Georgia 35px

  • Line height: 40px
  • Font weight: normal
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H2 Georgia 27px

  • Line height: 32px
  • Font weight: normal
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H3 Lato 22px

  • Line height: 30px
  • Font weight: normal
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H4 Lato 18px

  • Line height: 24px
  • Font weight: bold
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

H5 Lato 15px

  • Text transform: uppercase - 1px letter spacing
  • Line height: 22px
  • Font weight: bold
  • Colors: #101f30, #08c177, #ffffff

Paragraph Lato 15px

  • Line height: 28px
  • Colors: #454545, #ffffff

Full width content block

Optional subhead size 18px Bold

Paragraph should be 17px and a line-height of 30px. Full width content container should always be col-md-8, leaving sufficient padding on the right site. This will help with readability and help keep the design clean. Once this is viewed on a tablet, it can go full width (col-xs-12). Use this to display larger amounts of content.


Who is Lenny?

Standing at 26” tall, Lenny is a cute, cuddly, cynical, bitingly honest, ultra-confident and utterly shameless guy. Lenny has no problem saying what we're all thinking.

Lenny is one of those guys who can't bear to see others being unfairly taken advantage of. That's why he's such a highly informed, highly empowered advocate of LendingTree – he loves to see the power being taken away from the banks and put in the hands of ordinary people on the street. That said, being a cute green puppet, Lenny exercises the right to say whatever he likes, whenever he likes, to whomever he likes. Although edgy, Lenny is very likeable and not pushy or mean-spirited.

When using Lenny, keep in mind:

Lenny is a huge advocate of LendingTree. He knows the company inside and out, but he is NOT an employee or paid representative of LendingTree. He would never say, “we” when referring to LendingTree. He is simply a huge fan. For all intents and purposes, Lenny is “real.” In imagery, remove Lenny's support sticks. Lenny's not mean. Lenny can be cutting and direct and he loves to poke fun at people, but ultimately, he needs to remain likeable. Lenny shouldn't “straight sell” LendingTree products and services. If there's a very specific message you need to support in advertising, consider making the initial message from LendingTree and then have Lenny “respond” to it in his own inimitable way.


Salmon 50
Salmon 35
Blue 50
Blue 35
Green 50
Green 35
Blue 50
Blue 35
Green 50
Green 35


Brand Guidelines

The key to a successful brand is consistency, which is why we created these guidelines. From putting our logo on a banner to responding to social media posts, these rules will help you help us keep our brand strong, trustworthy and reliable. Come across a brand usage not covered here? Let us know!

(Internal use only)